Blog Design Mistake You Must Avoid

By Santosh Shah
avoid blog desing mistake
Having professional, good looking, clean design blog is plus point for your successful blogging career. I am discussing here some points that is know, you must avoid while designing your blog.

Colorful Design

If you are thinking that people loves colorful blog design then you are wrong. Most percentages of the visitors like a design that includes less numbers of colors. So don't use too many colors while designing your blog. Using 2/3 color combination is most preferable and also makes your blog look goods.

Too Many Widgets

Don't ever use too many widgets. It makes your blog looks unprofessional as well as decreases the loading speed of your blog. Nobody likes a slow blog. You can use some must widget like related post, popular post, Label, Social sharing & Subscription widget. But avoid using a widget like clock, games, calendar etc, which are not necessary for your blog.

Too Many Ads

Many blogger think using to many ads on their blog makes them rich but they are not thinking that it's disturbing their visitors. Also many ads leads in reduced in blog speed and makes a blog looks unprofessional. It's recommended that you should avoid using too many ads on your blog, if your are serious about it.

Hard To Navigate

If a visitors is reading some post and want to return back to home page or some other page then navigation menu plays a major role. So design a blog with a easy navigation menu so that visitors can easily navigate to the pages he want.

These are some points I know. Please let us know if you have some idea on this topic. You can use comment box for that.

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