Host A Blog Contest To Generate Blog Traffic

By Santosh Shah
Everybody loves contest. People loves to participate in contest and with the prize. The same is true in blogging world. People loves contest and want to win the prize, that may be big or small. In blogging, organizing contest helps to generate new visitors as well as targeted visitors to your blog. I want to discuss here how you can organize a blog contest, how you promote the contest and how you can generate targeted as well as non-targeted visitors towards your blog.

So lets start to learn hosting a blog contest and generate lots of visitors towards your blog. If you have some ideas about this topic, then please kindly share with us using the blogger comment. Because the more you share the more you increase your knowledge.

Choose Appropriate Prize

There are two method for Prize selection. You can select something that is universally attractive or you can select something that is related to your blog niche. A universally attractive prize like cash, electronic gadget, free online shipping etc, helps to draw tons of attention throughout the contest. But drawback is that when the contest is over they will disappear. This happens because they are visiting your blog for contest not for your content.If you want to generate targeted traffic then selection prize related to your blog niche is more preferable. If your blog is about Blogging Tips & Widgets then you can offer a prize like Premium Blogger Template, Paid Blogging E-book for free etc. If your blog is about food then you can offer prize like free lunch or dinner coupon. Through this will not generate tons of traffic like above but will get targeted returning traffic to your blog.

So choice is your's what type of prize you want to offer to the winners.

How To Enter In The Contest

Next step for you is to decide what your visitors have to do in order to enter in the contest. Your main aim of hosting contest is to build the traffic for long term. You can asked them to join your mailing list, like your Facebook fan page, follow your blog on twitter etc. to enter in the contest. This way they will be getting regular updates of your blog after the contest is over. 
Announce The Contest Detail On Your Blog 

After you decide the entering method for visitors in the contest, then announce the contest on your blog with full details. Such as entering method in contest, how the winner will be chosen, closing date of contest. Write it in clear and easy language so that every visitors who visit the contest understand it.

Promote Your Contest

What if you are organizing contest but not promoting it. Your contest will not get any attention, no traffic. So promote your contest on internet world. Use a social sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to promote your contest. Mention your contest on different forums. Tell your friends about the contest and asked them to share it with your friends. Repeat the steps for several times and see how it increase your blog traffic.

Try to organize the content in a gap of 3/4 months or according to your blog budget and see your blog traffic increasing.

2 comments to '' Host A Blog Contest To Generate Blog Traffic "

  1. Yeah, It's true that everyone loves contests and wanna participate for the prize. I like the tips mentioned above especially for getting full attention you should arrange the contests between a gap of every 3/4 months.

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