Top Ten Tech Companies Of The World

By Santosh Shah
top ten tech companies of the worldSome few decades ago may be no one have imagine that tech companies will be the top companies in the coming future. Now, the time has arrived. These tech companies are some of the most trendy in the world. These tech companies deals with mobiles, computer hardware and software's, electronic equipment's, telecommunication etc.

We are listing here the top ten tech companies of the world in current time. The list may change in future also. So we don't guarantee that the list of the top ten companies included here will listed here in future also.

10 . Dell, United States

Dell is an computer based company having its main office in Round Rack in Texas. It is one of the largest maker of computer in the world. It also produce and sells computer's related products and service.

9. Sony, Japan

Sony is an Japanese based multinational company having its main headquarter in Tokyo. It is involved in various sectors. It is one of the largest manufacturer of Television in the world as well as largest vendors of semiconductors. It also manufacture mobile phone having its brand name "Sony Ericsson" and is also the manufacturer of Play Station and PSP. It is also involve in music and movies.

8. Microsoft, United States

This company headquarters is located in Washington State. It was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 and is considered as one of the most valuable companies in the world. It is the largest software maker company in the world.

In the mid 80's to 2000's its operating system for personal computer rules all over the world. It's also the owner of Skype and also manufacture Microsoft Xbox.

7. Toshiba, Japan

This company is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is the manufacturers of electrical products, communications products, office and house hold appliance, personal computer etc. It is also one of the largest vendors of semiconductors in the world.

6. Panasonic Japan

This company HQ is located in Osaka, Japan. It is the maker of electrical products. It is one of the largest manufacturer of television in the world as well as largest vendors of semiconductor in the world.

5. IBM, Unites States

IBM is located in Armonk in New York. It manufactures computer hardware and software. This company is also credited for introduction ATM, Floppy disk, hard disk drive etc.

4. Foxconn, Taiwan

This tech based company is located in Tucheng in New Taipei in Taiwan. It is one of the largest maker of electronic components in the world. It is involved in the production of products as Apple's iPhone, iPod, iPad, Sony's Play Station 3, Nintendo's Wii U, Microsoft's Xbox 360 as well as Amazon's Kindle.

3. Hewlett Packard, United States

Hewlett Packard Company or can be called as HP, is an American multinational company, located its headquarter at Palo Alto in California. It was the largest manufacturer of personal computer until 2012. It provides software, technologies service and solutions to its customers.

2. Samsung Electronics, South Korea

The no.1 revival of Apple Inc, its Samsung electronics that is the multinational electronics company, which main office is located in Suwon in South Korea. It is the largest maker of mobile phones, smart phone in the world. As well as its products include television, memory chip, refrigerators, electronic equipment etc, which are used in most of the countries. It is also the second largest semiconductors chip maker in the world.

1. Apple Inc, United States

It's non other than Apple in top position. It's main office is located in Cupertino in California. It is the maker of iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac computers ,notebook. It has attract the people's eye with its stunning designs and features of the gadgets. All its gadgets run on its own operation system i.e OS X and iOS. iTunes, iLife, iWork and Safari web browser are also the popular software introduced by Apple. It mostly launched its product version on a yearly basis, that's the whole world eagerly waits for.

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