Benefit Of Starting A Blog

By Santosh Shah
benefit of starting a own blog
You may be spending an hours of time on Facebook or surfing an internet. But what will you get by doing that? May be nothing or just entertainment.But if you know little knowledge about blog and blogging then there are lots you can achieve from it. Try to utilize you time on blogging. 

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So take a look of some several benefit of starting your own blog.

Hobby (Make It Full or Part Time Job)

If your hobby is blogging then you surely know the benefit of blogging.  How you can take advantage from it. But you can make your hobby as your full or part time job. Surf in internet about blogging, learn more, get advice from expert, get trained and lastly start your blog on the topic that you are expert. Provide unique and quality contents. Make your blog famous. After that there are many ways to earn money from the blog for your living expenses.

Be a Celebrity

You don't need to be a singer or movie star to be a celebrity. Or you don't need to appear on the TV screen or newspaper to become famous.  Bloggers like Darren Rowse, Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai etc. are celebrity of this era in the blogging world and they have become celebrity by just blogging. They have become a idol person for many bloggers. You can also be like them.  I want to say that if you are expert in some topic, that may be fashion, cooking, technology or something else then start your blog, share your thoughts and knowledge to millions of people who are hungry to learn something. Who knows you could be a famous celebrity like above bloggers.

Earn Money

Start your blog. Work hard and make your blog famous. And see how you can make money from your blog. Like by selling you blog space for advertisement, through adsense, publishing a sponsored post etc. Many bloggers are making thousands of dollars from their blog.

Be Your Own Boss

how to be a own boss
When you start blogging and earn money from it, then you will be your own boss. Imagine, you don't need to work under others (i.e. your senior or boss). You can make your own decision, your own working schedule. The earning and profit is all yours.

More You Share Knowledge, More You Gain

Do you know sharing is learning? The more you share knowledge to other the more you gain knowledge. So don't limit your knowledge within yourself. Start sharing it with mass of peoples. This way you can be the idol for others as well as you can get chance to learn more from others people also. You can get a chance to interact with the people interested in same topic that you are. By this you get chance to exchange knowledge with each other. You can get a chance to learn something that you don't know.

Work From Home

work from home be your own boss
Waking up early, getting ready for office and returning back to home at late night. No chance to give time to your family. It's a boring life. Start a blog, work hard, and make your blog famous. Who works hard surely get success. After that you can start making money from your blog. Then you don't need to run for office daily. You can just quit it and start working from your home on your blog.

Low Investment Business

Yup, Blogging doesn't require lots of money. You can start with little money. That is for buying domain name, hosting for your blog, laptop or pc and internet connection. With this stuff you can start a blog. So it's a low investment business that everybody who has some knowledge about blogging can start.

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