8 Tips to Be Your Own Boss Working Online

By Santosh Shah

be your own boss working online
Are you fading up working 9 am to 5 pm daily for your Boss and getting a fixed amount of money at the end of month. You spend your time, effort and knowledge and your boss gets all the benefit, then what's the use.

If you have knowledge and skill, then you can be your own boss. That means you are the boss, you work for yourself and the all benefit is yours. There is no need to work under the pressure of others.

This post is especially related to online working. This can be started with low investment. And the most important thing required on you is skill and knowledge. So take a look.


If you are expert in some topic, that may be technology, fashion, networking or on some other topic, then you can start your own blog in that topic, share the knowledge, make your blog famous, apply for adsense and put the ads and earn money. You can also sell your blog space for ads or sell your product through your blog. There are many ways to earn money, if your blog is established.

Write/Sell Article

If you are good at writing then it can generate good income for you. There are millions of webmaster or bloggers who can pay good money for the quality article. They want the good articles for their website/blog. You can take advantage of it. Write a quality articles and offer a price for it. Similarly you can write article for certain website and earn money from it. They pay a certain amount of money from the article you have written. You can Google "write article and earn money" to find such websites. EHow is one of the examples of such website.

Sell E-Book

Create an E-Book on the topic you are expert. Provide something that's very useful to the users. Put it on sale like online selling website Amazon, Ebay etc. If you have really created useful content then no one will hesitate to buy your E-Book. You can earn good amount of money from it.
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Affiliate Marketing

This is another way to earn money working online. Join affiliate marketing program. If you sell some product then you can earn good commission from it. But you need to work hard for it. You should have good online reputation for it, so that people can believe on the product you are selling.

Sell Website/Blog

If you get success on it then you can earn huge amount of money from it. Create a website/blog. Improve its Alexa and PR. Provide quality content, build a huge audience, established your website/blog. And lastly put it on for sale. There are many people who are willing to pay good amount of money for a reputed and established website/blog.

Sell Domain Name

If you have good prediction power then you can earn money by selling a domain name. A domain name cost less than $10 per year. If you have some money to invest then you can register some domain names. But choosing the right domain name is most important. It should be catchy, simple. Or you can register a domain name for celebrity, companies or some product that is predictable to be famous in future. If you are lucky enough then no one can stop making money from it.

Paid Guest Posting

Some of the blogger offer paid guest posting on their blog. If you are good at writing on some niche then you can find such blog who pay a certain sum of money for your article. By this method you can make good money.


Are you expert on some filed like programming, web designing, graphic designing, online marketing etc? Then you can start a freelancing job. Knowledge of internet and typing can also start freelancing work like Data Entry, Copy Typing job. Website like freelancer.com, elance, odesk etc offer freelancing work.

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