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By Santosh Shah
adsense money making technology
In simple language, Adsense is an internet based advertising system launched in June 2003, run by Google Inc. There are two main sides of adsense or simply say two sides of one coin, which are most important to run adsense. They are advertiser and publisher. I will discuss briefly about them.


Advertiser are the one side (or main side) of the coin. Firstly they sign up to Google's Adwords program and use the system to create an ad. The ads are of two types. Text and Rich Media format (Graphic Image or Video) with different shapes and sizes.

Text ads with different shape and sized   : VIEW HERE

Image (Rich Media Ads with different shapes / sized : VIEW HERE

Then advertiser sets a monthly budget for their ads. They decide the maximum amount that they are willing to pay for each time when someone clicks on their ads. If no one clicks on their ads, they don't pay for it. The advertisers don't usually choose the websites to run their ads. They rely on Google to look for the relevant website in its network and decide which is the best website to run their ads.


Now, a adsense role comes into play. Publishers apply for adsense. After approval, they receive a code which they put into their website. Then the ads are displayed on the website. Adsense keep all the tracks of impressions, clicks and you will earn according to it.

How Google Show Related Ads on Web Pages. 

You may have notice a Web Pages with adsense ads. Adsense shows a ads related to the Web Pages contents. Suppose if the webpage is about fashion then adsense shows the ads related to fashion goods, clothes, jewelry etc. But how does Google do this? It's a Google technology. Google matches its Adwords ads to its Adsense Publisher through different criteria. Among them one is "Keyword". Adsense reads the Web Pages content that has adsense code and match the keyword of that Web Pages with the Adwords keywords supplied by advertisers. And shows the ads matching to those keywords.

Another criteria is through "User Behaviors". That means if the last some sites user visited were about sports, then the adsense could show the ads of sports goods on the Web Pages of News that they are visiting in present time.

After the adsense ads are started shown on the Web Pages, Google charges the advertisers for each click that an ad receives. The 68% of the revenue goes in the account of Publisher and remaining 32% is kept by Google itself.

Myth about Adsense

myth about google adsense
Yes adsense is open to everyone. You first need to have blog/website to join the adsense program. Unless, your site is not about pornographic, illegal topic, violent, Google gives chance to everyone to earn from adsense. It's the best opportunities to earn money from blog/website.

But many of the people have some myth about adsense, which I am discussing here.
  • Many people think that after running ads on the Web Pages, they become rich in a night or a week or months. But it's not true. You need to work hard for it. You first need to build good website/blog with quality contents and lots of visitors. Then only you can start earning enough money from it.
traffic building tips for blogger
  • Some publisher asks their friends/relatives/family to click on ads of their WebPages. This happen mostly for new publisher to earn fast. Yes, you may earn little buck from it for some period. But Google is so smart that it tracks all your record. Later or sooner Google will discover it. And that cause your adsense account be permanently disable because Google hates fraud publishers.
  • Putting adsense ads on Web Pages doesn't mean that visitors will click on those ads. Because visitors don't visit your website/blog to see the ads, they visit for your WebPages contents. So you need to optimize your ads to earn from it. You should try different position, colors and ad types for it.
  • As I told above, running ads doesn't mean you become rich in a short time period. It takes time to generate significant income. And the earning depends upon your WebPages performance. So if you give more time to build up your site and once the website/bog become popular then Adsense can be your passive revenue stream. When you are sleeping, or if you are on vacation, still your website/blog continued to bring in money for you.

My Last Word

If you are just starting up, then first try to build up your website/blog. Keep posting original and quality content. Work hard to generate more visitors on your website/blog. Make visitors come back again on your website/blog by providing useful contents. Then after that only try for adsense.

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