What Makes Blogs Different from Website

By Santosh Shah
difference of blog and website
In my opinion there are three main areas that differentiate a blog from any other type of site. Here is the list.


Blogs are usually updated more often than a traditional website, many of them even multiple times a day, and this keeps visitors coming back more often. The content is also normally arranged in reverse-chronological order with the most recent “post” (article) at the top of the main page and the older entries toward the bottom.


As well as being able to read a blog in a web browser just like any other website, a blog will almost certainly provide the content in the form of a “feed.” This is all the recent articles posted to the site provided in a machine-readable format, allowing people with the appropriate software to read the blog posts as they are published without actually visiting.


The style of a blog is quite different from other types of websites; there is more of a conversational and community feel. Unlike a more purely informational site, or a traditional news site, blogs are written with the bloggers communicating directly to their audience, and replies are expected in the form of comments. As well as conversation happening on each blog, conversation also happens between blogs, with one blog post attracting replies and responses on others.

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