Facebook Introduced "Say Thanks" Feature

By Santosh Shah
Millions of people use Facebook daily. Millions of photo's are share daily, millions of status are updated regularly and millions of links are share each days. Facebook has provided a lots of features to it's users to attract toward it more, like photo sharing, video sharing, chatting, scheduling post etc.

In a mean time Facebook had added a new feature "Say Thanks" , which lets you create a personalized video cards for your friends on Facebook.


You can create as many as personalized video cards and share with your friends. There is no limitation on it.

How To Use It ?

  • Go to facebook.com/thanks .
  • Choose your friend you want to make a video card.
  • Then Facebook will automatically generate a preview of the video. But you can edit the video yourself, choosing the different themes and editing photo and posts that represent your friendship.
  • After that click "Share Video" option - you will have the option to write a personalized message before posting it.
  • The video will be posted on your timeline as well as your friends timeline.
So take a try.

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