HitTail : Best Tool To Increase Search Engine Traffic

By Santosh Shah
Every body know Google Analytics is the best tool to check your website accuracy. But it has also some limitation. It doesn't provide the the top keyword (from which you got the highest number of visitors) that visitors use to find your blog through search engine. That's so ridiculous about Google Analytics. 

That 'not provided' is the hidden keywords that have the best chance to rank your site top in Google, which means you get more organic traffic that is best for your website to increase your earning. 

So how could you know the hidden keywords behind it?

Here is the best solution for it. >>> HitTail

About HitTail

HitTail is the first service to mine your own search data for under-performing long tail keywords.

HitTail provides suggestions that can help boost your positions in search results and therefore deliver more qualified visitors to your website. While they made it to provide topics to improve natural search efforts, you can also use these suggestions in any number of ways including cost effective pay per click (PPC) campaigns, blog editorial calendars, and focused messaging for your website or email marketing. Simply, it provides the keywords that Google Analytics hide.

How HitTail Helps in Increase Search Engine Traffic

As i told above it provides the keywords that Google Analytics hide. That keywords are the killer keywords that helps your website to get #1 in Search Engine. And top in search engine means more organic visitors. HitTail tells you the most promising search terms you should target based on your existing traffic. It is done by using a sophisticated algorithm tune by analyzing over 1.2 billions keywords.


HitTail analyzes you traffic and provides you with the simple, actionable list of precisely which keyword you should target to dramatically grow your organic search traffic. 

How does it work?

HitTail imports your keywords from Google Webmaster Tools and analyzes these phrases through their complex algorithm to give you suggested topics based on the under-performing keywords that you can use to improve your results in search engines. By using the suggestions in new website content, blog posts, or PPC campaigns you can cost effectively improve your search results to attract qualified visitors to your site.

My Recommendation

Yes you must use HitTail if you want to bring thousands of targeted visitors to your site/blog. It is a simple but a very powerful tool that help you to rise your blogging career . It's very easy to use. I highly recommend you to try this tool.

HitTail Pricing Plan

HiTail offers four plans. Personal, Pro, Business and Agency for the monthly charge of $9.95, $19.95, $39.95 and $79.95 respectively.


Normally you receive an account that is limited to 15 keywords and 15 suggestions. There is no time limit on the account but you're only able to see a maximum of 15 keywords and 15 suggestions unless you enter a credit card card and activate your account for above plan

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