How to Embed YouTube Video on Facebook

By Santosh Shah
YouTube a No,1 video sharing website and Facebook a No.1 Social Networking website. If you are running a Facebook page or want to share some YouTube video on your Facebook Profile for your followers , then YouTube provides you the specific url that you can use share and embed the video on Facebook pages or profile. It's very easy to be done and just take few minutes to complete the process. Just follow the given process below.

Embed YouTube Video on Facebook

  • First go to  and find the video you want to embed on Facebook Page/Profile.
  • Click on the "Share" button under the video then highlight the url displayed there and copy it. We need it later.
  • Now Login to Facebook and select the Page/Profile you want to embed the video.
  • On the status box Paste the copied video link from YouTube. Wait some second for Facebook to display video thumbnail and description.
  • Click on "Post" to embed video and you are done.
Have some questions or problem, feel free to ask.

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