10 Most Popular Facebook Scam / Spam You Must Ignore

By Santosh Shah
You must be using Facebook from the long ago or you may have addicted to Facebook. If it's true what i am saying, then you must have seen the different types of scam on your Facebook wall. Some of them are spreading malware / virus from the link they are sharing and some are trying to obtain your username and password by offering you different surveys / offers . 

Here are the list of the ten most popular Facebook scam that are spreading on your Facebook wall, that you must avoid. I have arranged them randomly.

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So lets start, 

1. Profile Viewers / Blockers

Some apps on the Facebook offers you to know the person who have viewed your profile and have block you from their profile. But all these things are scam. Facebook till now, have not give access to the developers, the data required to create these types of apps.

2. Free Facebook Credit

Are you the game addict on Facebook ? Then you must have know that you need a credit to purchase items on Facebook games. And those credit need a real money to buy. Yes, you may get some free credit by completing some task but to receive large amount of credit you need to spend some cash for it. You aren't going to get them for free. Remember it, all the apps developer are there to earn money.

3. Free Apple Products (iPhone / iPad)

Some of the apps or Facebook pages tends to give you free iPhone / iPad for complete some simple task. But they are all scam and are fooling you. If you can get the iPhone / iPad for free then who would sit in the line all the night to get the new iPhone at the time of it's release.

4. Fake Breaking News

Did you see the above image? This news was gone viral on Facebook at the time of Malaysian Plane was lost. Videos were links to fake sites or spreading malware that hackers make money from. Scammer may spam your profile wall with these types of exclusive fake news.

5. Free Giftcard, Ticket etc.

Scammers just share these types of stuff to get likes, comment. Sometime the also share the link that leads to the survey sites and they say you need to complete the survey to unlock the gift. They earn when you complete the survey but you don't get anything. So be aware  from these types of stuff.

6. Hot / Sexy / Shocking Headlines

These types of scams have mostly populated the Facebook. And most of the people usually click these types of post. These are totally scam that leads to survey scam or fake sites where scammers make money from it.

7. Fake Celebrities Gossip / News

Another most popular and most clickable scam are related to celebrities news, which are all fake. Scammers use fake death news or some type of unusual gossip about celebrities that usually get lots of shares within a minutes. 

8. Phishing Attempts to Steal Login Info

Have you got any email stating that your Facebook account is at risk and for security reason you must login to your profile using the link provided on the email or similar to that. And if you click on the link then you head away to the Login window similar like Facebook. It's all scam. Facebook never send these types of email . This is the tricks to get your login credentials. So always login through the Facebook official website.

9. Extra Facebook Features

There are some of the apps / extension that provides to add dislike button, changing your Facebook profile color , see unfriend you on Facebook. Though some of these apps / extension are legitimate but scammers often insert adware or malware into the plugins. So always install or use the apps / extension from the trusted developers only.

10. Asking for Financial Help

If you got the message from you Facebook friends that they are in serious problems and they need the urgent money. Then don't rush to send money. Hijackers may have hacked your friends profile. So you need to be aware if your get these types of message.

Warning message : So beware of these scams.

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