How To Use Google Maps Without Internet on Android Device

By Santosh Shah
offline-google-map Do you know ! you can use the google maps offline in you android.

Google maps is the very useful apps owned by Google to locate any address over the world through your android smartphone. Though, there are many others maps apps available but Google map is the best option to navigate all over the world thought street view, traffic view and satellite views.

The apps need high-speed internet to operate and use GPS to track your location. But, sometime due to the slow network problem we are not able to operate the Google Map on our android device. So this post will help you to use the Google Maps without internet on your Android device.

Improtant Note : You first need the internet connection to apply this method but later the connection is not required.

Method To Use Google Maps Offline on Android Device

  • Open your Google Map app in your Android  device with internet connection on. Then navigate to the location or area you can to save for offline use.
  • Once you confirm the location, navigate to option menu by tapping three line icon on your left side. Tap Offline areas option
  • Then, tap the plus icon on the right bottom of the screen.
  • You will be promoted to the new option Download this area? . Drag the map inside the square box to the desire area you want to save the location. Once confirming the location, tap Download option.
  • You will now promoted to the name area. Give name to your location and Save it.
  • To access the downloaded location navigate to the menu option (three line). Tap Offline areas . You will find the downloaded area.

Limitation You Need To Know

As, you know the method to use the google map offline, it's the benefit for us but it has some limitation. You cannot download a whole map or the whole country map. The location area you selected must not be too large. Don't try to save the map of whole USA. Try to select as much as small area.

Google maps require lots of storage space to save the detail information. So always use Wi-Fi before downloading the map. And last but not least, the downloaded maps only remain for 30 days and are automatically deleted after that.

Have you been using Google Maps Offline feature ? Let us know in the comments.

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